Seating Workshop – Half Day Course

Location – AdaptAbility Training Centre, Navan

Seating assessments are carried out by Occupational Therapists where specific chairs or wheelchairs are needed. Once seating has been provided it is often assumed that clients and carers know how to get the most from their chair or can identify if the chair no longer meets the client’s needs. Educating carers about seating can enhance the standard of care provided and alleviate many long term problems such as pain and discomfort, respiratory or digestive problems, contractures or skin breakdown.

This course is designed for anyone working as a healthcare professional or carer who would like to learn more about seating and pressure care. It covers basic seating information and allows hands on experience with a variety of specialist chairs and wheelchairs.

What this course covers:

Types of seating
Key elements of good seating
Chair positions – static, recline and tilt
Difference between tilt & recline
When to use recline
How to use tilt for pressure relief
Checklists for chair and wheelchairs – what you need to know
Powered wheelchairs
Pressure care and cushions
Complex seating
Restraint in chairs